Weekly Postcard: Leiden City Center

Weekly Postcard / Photo Friday: a weekly post with a picture that I love, of a place that is worth highlighting.

Weekly Postcard: Leiden City Center

Leiden is one of the prettiest cities in the Netherlands. First mentioned in the early Middle Ages, it grew to become one of the most important cities in the Netherlands. It still has the oldest university of the country. Many important scientific discoveries have been made here, giving rise to Leiden’s motto: ‘City of Discoveries’. Apart from science it also boasts an artistic past. The painter Rembrandt was born here. The city itself is known for its rich history and the historic center with canals, monumental buildings and courtyards.

How to get there

Take public transport from Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague. By train it takes about 30 minutes from Amsterdam en Rotterdam en under 15 minutes from The Hague. Trains go several times per hour.

If you go by car, remember that parking in the city center is very expensive. It costs several EUR per hour.

What to do

– Wander around the pretty streets and picturesque canals. The city itself is a museum. Better even to take a tour. Bonus tip: there is a tour that takes you through some of the famous courtyards.

– There are some world class museums like the National museum of Ethnology and Naturalis, with its natural history collection including the oldest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons and the only one with the original skull.

– End of October / beginning of November the Leiden International Film Festival (LIFF) takes place. There are viewings of amazing movies with a focus on American indie films.

– Climb up to The Burcht and enjoy some great city views.


Have fun!






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