Weekly Postcard: Toulouse

Weekly Postcard / Photo Friday: a weekly post with a picture that I love, of a place that is worth highlighting.

Weekly Postcard: Toulouse

Forget Paris, Lyon and Nice. Toulouse may be the best thing that happened to France since… well it’s been around since 200 BC. Toulouse is just plain beautiful. The buildings are drop dead gorgeous, the people are friendly (and French, yes that goes together), the food and drinks (wine!) are good, the city is clean, public transport and citybikes are well arranged and cheap, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

How to get there

You can just fly into it. The airport has plenty of connections. There are cheap flights from Paris. It is the home city of Airbus.

Toulouse has an extensive network of busses and metro. A single ticket costs 1.60 EUR. This ticket can be used to get to the city center from the airport (take T2 to Arènes and switch to the red line metro).

What to do

There is just so much to do. Some of my favorite things include cycling along the Midi Canal, drinking wine and eating tapas at Place St. Georges and strolling along the Garonne. For a more extensive list make sure to read A Weekend in Toulouse.


No rights can be derived from this post. I did my utmost best to ensure that prices and times are correct, yet errors happen and prices change.


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