Weekly Postcard: Oerol festival, Terschelling, The Netherlands

Weekly Postcard / Photo Friday: a weekly post with a picture that I love, of a place that is worth highlighting.

Weekly Postcard: Oerol festival, Terschelling, The Netherlands.

Every year in June one of the islands North of the Netherlands, called Terschelling, is home to one of the most fun, most exceptional theatre festivals in Europe. Every June, the island of Terschelling in the Wadden Sea is transformed for ten days into a unique natural stage for theatre, dance, street theatre, art and music. The shows are created or adapted specially for the exceptional locations where there are performed. (www.oerol.nl)

We (it’s a family thing) go every year. The vibe is just fantastic. There are performances everywhere from street performances in the towns, to surprise shows in the dunes and bigger productions just basically anywhere on the island. Now imagine all this framed by the beautiful rough island landscape and a fun engaged audience and the picture is complete.

How to get there

It is an island, so you have to get there by boat. The ferries depart from Harlingen, it costs 10 – 21 EUR and takes 45 – 120 minutes.

You either drive to Harlingen by car (120 km – 1.5 hours), but you have to leave your car behind. No car from visitors are allowed on the island. Once you’re on the island, everyone rents bicycles to get everywhere. There is an extensive network of bicycle paths across the whole Island. Another option is to take the train to ‘Harlingen Haven’ it stops near the ferry terminal. Trains take 2.5 – 3 hours and cost 15.50 – 25.90 EUR.

What to do

– Cycle across the island. Stop at the towns, beach restaurants and performances along the way. Enjoy the views of the Unesco World Heritage site of The Wadden Sea.

– Sit on a terrace, enjoy beer and seafood, and watch the odd performance form your seat.

– Get a festival ticket (25 EUR) and visit the central festival terrain (Westerkeyn). There is live music, workshops, theater acts and much more. This is also the place to go to buy tickets for the bigger performances.

– In the evenings the live music of De Betonning. It is the spot to find music and projects about sustainability and innovation. Feet in the sand or nestled in your zigzag overlooking the sea with some colorful decoration.

But most of all, have fun!


No rights can be derived from this post. I did my utmost best to ensure that prices and times are correct, yet errors happen and prices change.

Walk on the bottom of the Wadden Sea during low tide.
Cycle across the island. It has an extensive network of bicycle paths. In the background you can see the famous lighthouse (De Brandaris) and the harbor.
What performances in exceptional locations, like this show in the middle of the dunes during sunrise.
Enjoy live music and performances on the central festival terrain called Westerkeyn.

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