Weekly Postcard: Sala de los Derechos Humanos, United Nations, Geneva

Weekly Postcard / Photo Friday: a weekly post with a picture that I love, of a place that is worth highlighting.

Weekly Postcard: Sala de los Derechos Humanos, United Nations, Geneva.

The Sala de los Derechos Humanos (the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room) is located inside the Palace of Nations in Geneva. It is used for assemblies of the United Nations Human rights council. The most impressive about this room is its ceiling. Designed by Miguel Barceló it consist of 100 tonnes of paint that appears to be dripping from the ceiling. The colors seem the be changing depending of what side of the room you’re standing.

How to get there

Fly into Geneva or take a train (trains in Switzerland are awesome, taking beautiful route, yet they are expensive). In Geneva the local government provide free public transport for everyone staying at a hotel, hostel or campsite for the duration of your stay! Ask the receptionist of your accommodation for the card. There is also an 80-minute free public transport card for transportation from the airport to your accommodation. There is a special ticket machine located at the baggage claim.

To get to the Palace of Nations you get on the nr. 8 bus that stops at the visitor entrance. Or you take the nr. 15 tram to “Nations”. This is where the broken chair is and you can get a clear view of the Palace of Nations with the flags in front of it. Afterward you follow the fence on your left en walk slightly uphill to the visitor entrance.

What to do

They only way to enter the Palace of Nations is by guided tour. These cost 12 CHF per person (10 CHF for students and and 7 CHF for people under 18). For the schedule and more information check the UNOG website. Remember to take a photo ID. We forgot our passports at the hotel (stupid!), but we got in with our drivers license.

The guided tour takes you through the Palace of Nations, including the Sala de los Derechos Humanos and the Assembly Hall (if there is no assembly going on). Don’t forget to send a postcard home with a special UN stamp!


No rights can be derived from this post. I did my utmost best to ensure that prices and times are correct, yet errors happen and prices change.

Palace of Nations
The broken chair in front of the Palace of Nations
The Assembly Hall

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