Hi everyone!

I’m a twenty-something year old Dutchie (so I’m crazy, but on the good side of the spectrum) and always looking for new experiences. During some days I’m just a doctor working in the A&E department. During other days I travel around, mainly in Europe.

I love Europe as a continent, because of all the different cultures and historic sites, so close to each other. Part of my love is also practical; being Holland-based it is just way easier to take short trips around Europe than to fly across the globe. (Plus, if I take enough flights in Europe, I earn status from which I can benefit if I fly further away).

One of my hobbies is photography, and how better than to combine this with traveling?

I have not been an avid traveler from a young age on. When I was about to start college, my mom tried to push me to take a gap year, and I thought she was out of her mind. Why would I travel to some place where I could be bored, If I could be bored home as well? Later on, as always, I realized my mom was right.

During college I started to travel more. Mainly slow travel and hiking. I’ve hiked parts of the Camino Santiago (St James Way) in Spain three summers in a row. I’ve interrailed through Southern Europe. I hiked the GR20 on Corsica (allegedly the hardest hiking trail in Europe) with my cousin and I hiked Hadrian’s wall path in England with my dad. One of my more crazy trips was buying a one-way ticket to Athens and trying to walk home (I only made it to Tuscany, but it was amazing, so many stories… Have you guys met the pope yet? Or were terracotta sales managers for a day in Tuscany? Of were invited to sleep in a bakery? Anyway… enough stories to tell). The years after I traveled more outside of Europe, taking the Transsiberia Express and a few weeks in China, to a half year backpacking trip through South America. However, I did notice that I could not be a full-time traveler. After several months travelers fatigue kicks in and I want to go back home and start building a life and developing myself again. Yet traveling always lures. Whenever I’m free, or friends and family are around somewhere, I try to visit as many places as possible. Being based in Holland, those places will mainly be in Europe.

Come and travel with me.

– Irina


About the name

Weekly postcard… I chose the name because of a special (weird?) thing I do. It started when I was hiking home from Athens. I would send my parents a postcard, from almost every town I visited. When, eventually, I came home, they had saved all those postcards for me. It was amazing to read back. Like a diary. It had a date stamped across the stamp. It included pictures of the towns I had been in. And I can collect stamps from all the places I have been. So a new tradition was born. Whenever I’m traveling, but also when I’m just at home, I send myself a weekly postcard. I’ve been doing it for a few years now and it is amazing. I’ve kept them al in photo albums, and sometimes I go through them. No more heavy souvenirs to take home. I just send a memory home.

So, please, take my advice. However old fashioned it may be. Send yourself (or your family, your parents will love it) a weekly postcard. Future you will thank you.

– Irina

Weekly Postcard
Part of my postcard collection of the past years.